Friday, April 2, 2010

Coughing For CF

Following the succesful expedition of 2007, Coughing the Distance, when Walter and his team cycled from Paris to Istanbul they were planning a slightly more daring event; crossing the Greenland Ice Cap on the Arctic Circle. However, that plan was foiled in the end due to the enormous costs and the tricky logistics with Greenland being way on the other side of our Earth..

Instead we are now planning a more viable option: Climbing Mount Kinabalu!

Because of Walter's Cystic Fibrosis his lung capacity is severly limited. He lives with permanent lung damage and infection and will eventually require a lung transplant. Walter's life is full of aerobic exercise to keep his lungs going, continuously clearing them through physio and exercise. A healthy life-style, complete with a careful low GI, high protein diet. Consistent with other people with CF he has to inject insulin and take regular antibiotics and plenty of pancreatic enzymes.

Right now we are in need of support, publicity and sponsorship. If you like to inspire people with disabilities and be associated with this brave venture we encourage you to contact us at

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

You speak from the Heart Walter, but you need CF to tap their network!!!
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