Saturday, April 11, 2015

Looking for volunteers living along the Bibbulmun track!

If you live near the Bibbulmun Track in WA or know someone who does, we need your help!

As you know we have a car with caravan which contains supplies and medicine. We need to find people who can help us drive our car with caravan from one Bib Track access point to the next.

We found some very kind people who are helping us bring the caravan from Albany to Denmark next Thursday, and we now need to find someone to take the caravan from there to Walpole five days later... And so on.  If you think you can help anywhere along the Bib please email or leave a message on 0417067460.

Our tentative dates are here: proposed-hiking-dates.
To see exactly where we are you can click here:

We would love to have people meet us for the rest-days. Anyone who likes to walk along with us please do!

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Ree Trebilco-Loane said...

Walter J Van Praag, Wally just phoned, he & Marilyn got sick of looking at each other today, so yes at 2pm decided to make a start. They have only gone 10kms to the first hut, (which is doorless and somewhat cold, but does have toilet & water) as it was all uphill & their packs are very heavy. Marilyn's telstra coverage is good, Wally's is very average, he went to get the Telstra sim out after a few tries calling me on Aldi, only to find the Telstra $30 kit that Jo & Chris found, doesn't have the sim card in it frown emoticon THEY ARE IN URGENT NEED FOR SOMEONE TO DRIVE THE VEHICLE & CARAVAN FROM DENMARK TO WALPOLE, DOES ANYONE KNOW SOMEONE THAT CAN HELP ???? Pls leave msg on Wally's phone 04317067460, & email The last week of the schedule has been changed to accommodate me walking with them for the last week, Wally insists he carry my things except medicines, undies & sleeping bag, ha smile emoticon Good luck to Wally & Marilyn Robinson. xxxx

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